Terms and Conditions for Online Money Transfer Services

It is mandatory to read and Understand these terms and conditions to be in business relation with our company. Below are few terms for Understanding

  1. Bank Card” Any Visa® or MasterCard® credit card, or a debit card to be used for the transaction

b- Working days: We are open from Monday to Friday and these are our Business days.

  1. Card Issuer” refers to the issuer and the owner of a Bank Card;
  2. Payment Method” include bank card, bank account and other payment methods.
  3. Prohibited Purpose” refers to any unlawful purpose.
  4. Receiver” refers to the person named as the beneficiary of the money transfer (regardless as to whether this transfer was initiated by a Sender.
  5. Sender” refers to the person who initiated a money transfer
  6. Transaction” refers to every money transfer initiated;

EZQUICK LIMITED offers money transfer services nationally and internationally. You must be at least 18 years old to use the EZQUICK LIMITED and You must have

By completing and consenting to the information required to make a money transfer and by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Sender instructs TMT to execute a specific money transfer. Every individual money order constitutes a separate agreement between EZQUICK LIMITED  and the Sender which is limited to the execution of a specific money transfer.

Subject to statutory or regulatory requirements, we undertake to make funds available for collection by the Receiver at the latest at the end of such Business Day following the Business Day on which the funds were received.

For regular money transfers the funds are normally available for collection within a few minutes, subject to the business hours of the respective agent location. For some countries, the service may be delayed or other restrictions may apply. If You require further information, please contact the telephone number: +442037584863

The EZQUICK LIMITED provides various options to receive funds including cash at an agent location, direct to a bank account or to a mobile phone, where available. Where  funds are to be paid out in cash the Receiver must provide adequate proof of his or her identity in addition to all transaction details required by EZQUICK LIMITED

EZQUICK LIMITED  is required to screen all Transactions against lists of names provided by the governments of the countries and territories in which We do UK and the European Union. If a potential match is identified, EZQUICK LIMITED  research the Transaction to determine if the name matched is indeed the individual on the relevant list.


3.1.      We declare Our willingness to provide to You the money transfer services and the respective information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions in the form of individual payments and to exercise reasonable care.

We do not assume any liability for:

  1. goods or services which You pay for using the EZQUICK LIMITED Online Service, and in particular their delivery.
  2. malfunctions in communication facilities over which We have no control;
  3. the loss of data or the delay in transmissions caused by using an Internet service provider or a browser or other software over which We have no control;
  4. the services provided by Your Card Issuer;
  5. viruses originating from third parties;
  6. errors on the EZQUICK LIMITED Website or with the EZQUICK LIMITED that are the result of incomplete or wrong information that You or a third party provided.
  7. the unauthorized use or interception of information prior to reaching the Website; or
  8. the unauthorized use of or unauthorized access to data in conjunction with Yourself or Your Transactions which We process unless such use or such access is the result of negligence on Our behalf.

3.4.      Notwithstanding any prior agreement to initiate a money transfer, we are under no obligation towards You to initiate or execute a money transfer if:

  1. We are unable to obtain sufficient evidence of Your identity;
  2. We have reason to believe that the transaction information is incorrect, unauthorized, or forged.
  3. You have provided us with wrong or incomplete information, or we do not receive Your transaction information in a timely manner in order to guarantee the timely execution of the requested money transfer; or
  4. Your Card Issuer does not authorize the use of Your Bank Card to pay for the Transaction and Our fees.

We do not assume any liability for damages caused from the non-payment or late payment of a money transfer to a Receiver subject to Our liability


4.1.      You declare that You will pay to Us Our fees (see also Item 2.8 above) for every money transfer which You initiate via the EZQUICK LIMITED

4.3.      You consent to and acknowledge the following:

  1. The information provided to affect an online money transfer is true, accurate, current, and complete.
  2. You must share the Transactiondata (amount of money, Your name, Your country, name of Receiver and MTCN) with the Receiver only. You are obligated to ensure that no third party can gain unauthorized access to this information. We recommend that you transfer money only to beneficiaries that You know personally.
  3. You shall not use the EZQUICK LIMITED for illegal purposes;
  4. You shall not use the EZQUICK LIMITED for Prohibited Purposes;
  5. Within the framework of the EZQUICK LIMITED You will not request money transfers which violate these Terms and Conditions or any other restrictions of use or terms of use as set forth on the EZQUICK LIMITED Website; and

4.6.      You consent to and acknowledge that We may forward any particulars about You and about the services that We provided to You if necessary to regulatory or government authorities or their bodies if:

  1. we are obligated by law to do so; or
  2. we are of the opinion that such a disclosure may assist in the prevention of fraud, money laundering or other crimes.

If You detect errors or encounter problems on the EZQUICK LIMITED  Website or with the EZQUICK LIMITED  Online Service, please contact Us by e-mail: [email protected]

or by telephone: +442037584863 (for contact information see Item 1.2) or write to us at: 302 High street Acton – London – W3 9BJ


 United Kingdom

Ezquick Ltd/ FCA Reg. No:599926 Registered Address: 302 High Street, London, England, W3 9BJ – Companies House Registration No: 08216635, HMRC – Registration number: XFML00000150616

  1. Exclusion of liability

We will also have no liability under Item 8 if We fail to perform or incorrectly perform the Transaction where the reason for this was due to Events Outside Our Control or Our statutory obligations.