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How to send money with EZQuick App

3. Verify your identity

to use our services, We need to verify your identity, By uploading two photos of your ID, proof of address and a selfie.


2. Registration is free

Register in our application for free. All we need is 3 things your name, mobile number and email address.

1. Download the app

You can download our app from the App Store or Google Play by clicking on the icon below.
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6. Pay for your transfer

Send your money with your debit card. This is it. We will deal with the rest. You can track your transfer in your account, And we’ll tell the recipient it’s coming.

5. Choose an amount to send

Tell us how much you want to send. We’ll show you our fee up front and how much the recipient will get.

4. Add recipient details.

After your identity is approved, You are ready to go and fill in the recipient’s details, name, country, address and mobile number.